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MedWorks CHS Service Request Process
MedWorks CHS Service Request Process
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  1. Please click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the page to create a MedWorks Profile

  2. FIll out the required fields to create an account & accept the TOS & PP

  3. Once you have signed into your MedWorks Profile you will be brought to the MedWorks Corporate Health Solutions MicroStore

  4. Add "Book an Appointment" to your cart and click "Checkout"

  5. Fill out the "Additional Information" section with required information and select the requested serviced needed

    1. Add the employees Province or Territory, City & Postal Code - This will allow the Corp Booking team to find a clinic closest to the Employee

    2. Ensure to add the GOP & any other documentation which will be required

    3. Click "Proceed to Pay"

  6. Once the order has been placed you will see a notification stating "Your order has been placed."

  7. MedWorks team will receive the Service Request along with the attached documents

  8. MedWorks Team will drop the received documents into the companies respective Box folder

    1. MedWorks team will send you an invite to access the Company's Box Folder

      1. Please follow the Below Guide on how to access and setup your Box account

  9. Once the Service Request has been completed and MedWorks will upload the results to the Company's respective box folder.

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