Box Sign Up Process

This article will show the process on how a end user can complete the profile registration for Box

Updated over a week ago
  1. MedWorks Team will send out a request for client to join their respective Box file share folder

  2. Invite will be sent from Box on behalf of MedWorks team

  3. Accept the invite from the email

  4. Fill out the requested information asked on Sign Up

    1. Clients email address will be pre-filled

      1. Please Note:

        1. Phone Number is not Mandatory.

        2. Do Not Check “I live in European Economic Area Or U.K.”

    2. Click Submit

  5. Client must verify their email address; there will be an email sent to your registered email address

  6. Once Verified you will be brought into box with an introductory screen, Please click ”Get Started”

  7. You will now be in your box account and can upload and view any documents related to Service Requests

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