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Step 1.

If you are a Master Contractor, you can Assign the tasks to your employees on the Medworks Provider App. They will then receive the notifications and perform the task.

The backend of the app will be configured and managed by the Master Contractor.

Once you have setup the configurations and catalogue on the main dashboard, Click on the Green icon on top right corner.

Please note, we have two types of Service Market Places.

  1. Service Market Place

    1. Order Level Scheduling

    2. Service Level Scheduling

This will take you to the Service Provider backend Dashboard

Click on “I Agree”

This is the Dashboard

On the left hand side all the tasks will be forwarded once Accepted from the main dashboard

On right hand side you can see the status of all Service Providers

In the Centre, it shows the Date/Time (Always check the date/time, once you accept the order on main dashboard). If you will not select the correct date/time, you will not be able to see the Tasks.


Click on the 3 bars on the Top left corner to see the Menu and Click on “Settings”

Now Click on “Teams”

In order to add Service providers (Agents), the first step is to Add Teams

Click on “Add Team”

Team Name has to be specific. Please add your store name first and then team name

Set Location accuracy as “High”

Now click on “Create”

Your “Teams” will be created

Now you can add the Agents

Go to Menu bar and select “Agent”

Now click on “Add Agent” on Top Right corner

Enter all the Mandatory* details

Assign Teams (Here you will see the Team which you had created). You can create multiple teams and agents and assign them as per your requirement)

Keep the Agent type as “Captive”

Now Click on Add. Your agents will be added here

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